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Ranty text post, 99% of you won’t read. Whatever.

I’m sitting in my room, late at night, you know…when all the best thoughts happen. And I’ve come to a realization, one that I’ve discussed and thought about many times. Now I feel completely sure about it though. 

I don’t want to live in this country. The United States is the most despicable place on the planet. It thrives on a system that oppresses and values things that I don’t value. Most of this is completely unchangeable, and the things that are changeable, I will never see change in my life. Even if I do try to change them, there is no immediate hope for this country. 

Now, there are great things in the US. Beautiful sights, revolutionary science and technology, and it’s the first country of its kind. It is the first country to be founded on a set of values, not power. But all that has changed. The US has outgrown its political structure. There are people and companies more powerful than the entire government which is an obvious flaw. 

Good for them. It’s fine with me that they have found a way to gain more and more power in a system that allows it. But that power is not unlimited, though it may seem so. In fact, most of their power only reaches the boundaries of the US and its immediate relationships. 

It’s escapable, and I have a choice. I don’t have to live here. I don’t have to change it. My version of success is so vastly different from that of US society that I believe I will become incompatible with it. I wish more people felt inspired to act on the passions I know many more than I feel. I wish leaving this country to somewhere safe was more easily accessible.

But it’s not impossible. There are over 7 billion people on the planet. Nothing I do with my life will affect all of them or help a significant number of them. What I can do with my life is find a section of the world I do love, or that I can learn to love. I can find one that is capable of change and growth unlike the US. I can live in a different society and grow with it. To be a part of the United States is to become a slave to 1% of the population. The “American Struggle” is not inevitable and I do not need to experience it because it’s just “a part of life”.

So that’s why I’m leaving the country as soon as possible. Maybe after college, maybe before that. I am researching. This country is only the best at two things: War and higher learning. So, if I can find satisfactory higher learning somewhere else, that’s where I will be. 

I want my entire life to be an adventure, not a preparation for the future. Because all the future holds is death. And the most valuable thing to me is what I am doing right here, right now. 

***TL;DR: America sucks, I am too good for this country, CU L8erz***


East River Evening x Bronson Snelling

even if you see the same thing everyday, take time to find a new perspective. 

Tranquil at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery. (by kaybee07)